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The goal is to simplify your "Birthday Suit Talks," and give you the tools to make teaching your child easy.  If you want some help delivering your lessons, then the courses are the perfect solution. Your membership includes:

- Your yearly parent prep lesson.

- Access to your child's fantastic yearly courses where I do the hard part and teach each lesson with you and your child while still allowing space for you to discuss your family values and beliefs.  

- Full access to the interviews from parents with their advice from their lesson and their struggles on parenting each age.

- Full access to the kid's responses from their interview answering questions like what they wish their parents knew about them, their challenges, and how parents can understand them better.

- A monthly newsletter summarizing the most recent parent and child interviews.
Truly valuable resources for parents!
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My goal is to help you overcome obstacles and make it as easy as possible to have these frequent discussions with your children. They are so important. With your membership, there is no preperation, searching for resources, or planning what to say. I even tell you when to press pause and discuss your families values.  I will guide the lesson and teach the basic content, and together we will teach your child.  
- Mandi Nuttall
Author and Creator: The Birthday Suit Books Course
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