The Birthday Suit Book 1: Yearly Guides to Easily Teach Children Ages 1 to 9 About Their Body & Sex
will show you exactly how, when, and what to teach your child as they grow.   

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The companion book to The Birthday Suit Book 1 and a powerful resource as you teach your children about their bodies while clearly defining your families values

"Mom and Dad, I want to learn about my body first from you." 
      -your child.
"Mom and Dad, I want to learn about my body first from you." 
                              -your child.
Ever wished your child came with a manual to help you teach them about their body and the dreaded sex talk?  Seriously, what are you going to say, how are you going to say it and at what age are you going to teach what?  These are hard questions for parents, but now you don't have to face them alone. 

What if sex education with your 1 to 18-year-old was a fun, engaging, and bonding experience? What if you had a detailed lesson plan and all the resources needed to teach your child free of shame and embarrassment? And what if it was perfectly aligned with your family values and beliefs?

Guess what…you can.  And I will show you exactly how.



If you don't teach them, then who will?

This proactive, full-colored textbook by Mandi Nuttall teaches parents how to overcome embarrassment and clearly guides how, when, and what to say each year through an entire curriculum. Your child's birthday will remind you to open this book and have your yearly lesson starting at age 1 and continuing through age 9. You are shown how to easily approach teaching sex ed together with discussion topics such as:

Anatomy & Procreation
Egg & sperm production & fertilization
Sex, Pregnancy, and Birth
Safety, and more...
About the book.
We’ve created a book that will help parents teach their children about sex in an age-appropriate manner. The book provides sequential yearly lesson guides for parents to teach their kids on each birth year. Parents will know exactly when and what words are appropriate at every age. This book is catered towards adults and not too childlike which makes it perfect for any parent looking for guidance on how best to talk with their children about sex while still being able to maintain a close bond with them as well as keep things interesting!

Written for mothers or mothers-to-be. For the parent who want’s to create an unbreakable mother-child bond.
Hey, I'm Mandi.
Parents, I see you.  Raising kids is hard, but teaching them about their bodies, procreation and eventually sex doesn't need to be anymore.

The Birthday Suit Books are the result of a combination of my experiences as a high school health teacher, a collegiate athlete, and now a mother doing my best to raise to our five kids. I sincerely want to help parents realize the good that comes from having these essential conversations with your children.  I believe in the limitless potential within families to do good and raise knowledgeable children. We have one shot to teach our kids to respect their body, and we can't leave that up to the world. It's our job and divine responsibility.   
               Mandi Nuttall

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What Makes This Book Different?

Are you questioning if this book aligns with your family values, or racial, political and religious beliefs?

✓ The Birthday Suit Book 1 embraces only the facts with space to add your beliefs. This allows you to customize your book with your family's principles and views.

✓ Basic anatomical drawings featuring a child's body that is age-appropriate for each lesson and celebrates various ethnicities making this book beautifully inclusive to everyone.

✓ The teaching process has been simplified with detailed resources, guided discussions, sequential questions to ask, prompts, and activities as you teach your child about body parts without fear of feeling awkward or unprepared.

What do Parents Have to Say?

“These books have definitely changed the way we approach and discuss sexual maturity with our children. Thank you a thousand times!”

Rachel Gleed Skeen


“Finally, a manual on ‘how to’ share the dreaded three-lettered ‘S’ word with our children.”

Richard Himmer

PhD and father

“I wish I had this book when my now adult children were little! I'm getting a book for each of them so they can teach their children.”

Janet Berry


I thought it was really well-written and easily applicable. I have kids of different ages and they have all been introduced to this topic at different levels, so it was interesting to see where they should be at and how to "catch them up" or fill in the gaps. 

Tara Creel


"I've been going through your book and it's great! This will be such a great resource. I especially love all the graphics. I like how you use the same pictures and then add additional vocabulary at each chapter."

Elaine Harper


This book is really great! It's so reassuring that I can have a cohesive plan and goal rather than feeling like everything doesn't connect. I wanted to have the physical book so I can write notes and think on paper, and coordinate with my husband better.

Krysta Bevell


So much great information in this book! Great question prompts to ask children and the answers are given in a very fact based manner, not awkward to explain and easy to teach with confidence (as I often forget my science learned long ago). Talking about the body and sex can feel strange with your children, but I felt this book gives useful hints and ideas on leading the discussion from a positive and productive view. Happy to have a simple reference on such an important topic!

Christine Jones


It is the BEST book out there for teaching your children about ALL things relating to their bodies. It has yearly lessons in age appropriate order for parents to teach their children. It first prepares you as the parent and builds your confidence to then be the expert for your child. It’s perfect for all faiths, genders, and races. It’s facts that’s you incorporate your values into. It’s simply beautiful. 

Melinda Crapo


I do not have kids or ain't even married yet but buying and reading this book has taught me so many things about parenthood and human body in general.  I am 22 years old and there are still some things that I didn't even know that were in the book. I definitely recommend it for parents and future parents or even people that just wish to learn more about human anatomy in a simple way.

Jimmy Rasolosoa

22-year-old male

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